Derik Wenman
Partner and Consultant

Derik Wenman has inherited his father's consultant genes and followed his steps as a successful consultant. With more than 10 years in the field of commodity tax recovery and 5 years previously in IT, Derik has developed and implemented a system of utilizing client data files which streamlines our review process and maximizes recoveries.

Derik takes biking seriously. He rides to work on a regular basis - From Vancouver to Surrey and currently serves on the Board of HUB, an organization which helps make cycling better through education, action and events, including Bike To Work Week.

"Our team is thorough in what we do. We use technology (data files) and proprietary software and techniques to mine our client's information in an effort to minimize client time and maximize recoveries."

Gary Pelzer
Partner and Consultant

Gary has been a partner with the firm since 1992, when he was recruited by Bruce Wenman, a former peer at Deloitte. He has extensive knowledge in the area of GST and HST and is responsible for much of our research, rulings and interpretations. As a one of our most experienced consultants, Gary works with many of our large clients in the public sector, as well as financial institutions. 

Gary is a die-hard Canucks fan and an avid sportsman. Recently he has discovered a new love - badminton. 

“Experience is the key to success in our business, and that is what we bring to the table in spades.”

Jay Leach
Partner and Consultant

Jay Leach joined LWA in 1989. Jay has extensive experience in the private sector and is also one of our lead reviewers of large organizations across Canada. When HST came to BC, Jay was lead on research and implementation of this into our concepts and operations.  

Active in community sports, Jay has coached youth soccer since 1984 and played well into his adult years. Currently he plays golf and bikes on a regular basis.

"We are creative, thorough and unobtrusive. Clients are pleased with our service because we find them money where they hadn't thought of looking.” 

Sarah Wenman
Partner and Operations Manager

Sarah joined LWA in 2006 to fill the role of coordinating the consultants' schedules, managing data and other company operations. She has also biked the 30 km route from home to work (and back) but not in the rain. As well as contributing to LWA, Sarah also works part-time advocating for people with disabilities living in residential care. Her interests include gardening, hiking, cycling and cooking good food.

"One thing I really enjoy about LWA is that we pleasantly surprise people. When we find them money they didn't know they were missing, and they are able to expand their business, or buy books for schools; it is a good feeling."

Bruce Wenman
Founding Partner

In the late 1970s, company founder Bruce Wenman worked for Canada Revenue Canada as an auditor. Through his work, he realized that all kinds of public and private sector organizations were unknowingly overpaying taxes, often in huge amounts. He also discovered that there was no service available to these organizations to help them recover their money from the government. So, with a wife and two small children to support at home, he ventured into a new field, and made those first phone calls from home. Organizations started lining up for the service, and Mr. Wenman was soon working full-time recovering lots of money for these new clients.