Green Commitment

The LWA family is genuinely concerned with our environment and we believe even the smallest actions can have a great impact. We strive to reduce our energy consumption in our day to day operations, in any way possible. This includes reducing, recycling, reusing, and bicycle commuting. 

Recycle: In the past 15 years we have recycled over 1450 kg of paper. Despite our office building's limited recycling services, our office staff take the extra steps to take materials such as printer ink cartridges, batteries, plastics, etc. to the appropriate recycling locations.

Reuse | Reduce: We aim to reduce paper consumption by communicating electronically whenever possible and by printing on both sides of paper before recycling. Any confidential information is shredded before recycling.

Bike or Transit to Work: LWA staff members make an active effort to reduce gas emissions on our planet. The majority of our staff bike or take public transit to work on a regular basis. Our Bike to Work Week – Spring 2012 team, "The Accounting Cyclers", finished 6th in all the Lower Mainland organizations with less than 10 participants and was 1st place among private companies in the City of Surrey. Go team!

From left to right: Derik Wenman, Redmar Atsma, Lucas Socio.