Founded in 1981, Luckett Wenman & Associates has a history of excellence in Return On Investments and professional expertise in the field of taxation. In the late 1970s, company founder Bruce Wenman worked as an auditor for Canada Revenue Agency and through his work Bruce realized that several private and public organizations were unknowingly overpaying a significant amount of taxes to the government. With his extensive knowledge in provincial and federal tax systems and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Bruce made those first phone calls and was soon working full time recovering money for several organizations.

Along the years, Bruce Wenman was joined by other experts, forming Luckett Wenman & Associates (LWA). Together, the LWA team developed an array of reliable tax law concepts and approaches which adapt to ongoing legislative rulings and tax changes. The commitment and passion LWA has put into its business have attracted high-quality professionals specialized in tax-recovery.

Today, over 30 years later, LWA has successfully recovered large amounts of money for 97% of our clients across Canada. Yet, the majority of Canadian organizations are unaware that there are approximately two tax changes every month that directly affect businesses and could result in those organizations over-paying taxes. LWA's extensive knowledge of peculiarities in the tax system ensures that such organizations securely recover overpaid and underclaimed taxes.

In today's fast-paced work environment, it is nearly impossible for organizations to keep up with ongoing policy and regulation changes, so LWA has mastered the complex area of tax exemptions to help you succeed in your business. The LWA family is always ready to work with you and increase your bottom line.