What We Do
What We Do

We recover money for organizations in the form of overpaid and underclaimed taxes. We interpret tax legislation, specifically commodity tax law, in relation to an organization's particular operations.

Each case is unique, and much of what we capture are the "exceptions to the rule". 

Harmonized Sales Tax
Goods and Services Tax
Provincial Sales Tax
Customs Duties
Supplier Over-Charges
Fuel Taxes

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"I was pleasantly surprised with the patient, timely, respectful & professional services they provided to Asco Aerospace Canada Ltd in respect of the PST and GST audit for 5 years. I wish I received this kind of Customer Service in all aspects of dealing with the service industry.

I am sure they are one of the best in their field of expertise and they provided great value for their services. The style of their work was pleasant, friendly and very courteous with a minimum disruption to our office personnel."

Vanita Balgi
Cost Accountant
Asco Aerospace Canada Ltd.
British Columbia

"We would definitely recommend Luckett Wenman & Associates to any company that was considering having a tax audit.

They recovered monies for us that would never have been recovered. Their consultants were very knowledgeable, efficient and knew exactly what they were looking for."

Joanne Riddell
Office Manager
Ash Grove Cement Company
British Columbia

"The Luckett Wenman consultant was not only able to get us a substantial recovery, but also took the time to review the necessary steps we needed to take to recognize these tax savings in the future."

Brad Stevenson
Bella Coola Fisheries Ltd.
British Columbia

"My experience with Luckett Wenman & Associates has been very positive. Your staff is very professional and knowledgeable about Canadian Taxes.

The reports received after the review provided excellent detail to support the credits which were claimed on our tax return. In addition to your review of our tax payments, Luckett Wenman & Associates continues to be an excellent resource for tax questions concerning goods and services tax, as well as provincial taxes."

David Uphaus
Assistant Director of Taxes
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad
United States

"We were very pleased with the services provided by Luckett Wenman & Associates. There was very minimal disruption when their consultant was on site, and the review was conducted in the most professional, courteous manner.

The resulting tax recovery was the most pleasant surprise of all. We will be using Luckett Wenman & Associates in the future, and would not hesitate whatsoever to recommend their services and expertise to others. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!"

Donna Burlingame
Great Western Brewing Company

"Luckett Wenman and Associates provided results as promised and did so with minimal disruption in our office. We plan to continue having them do follow up reviews of our commodity taxes."

Rocky W. Brown
Executive Dir., Finance & Support Services
NOR-MAN Regional Health Authority Inc.

"The staff at Luckett Wenman & Associates were very professional and knowledgeable, resulting in additional tax rebates to our organization.

We appreciated that minimal time and involvement was required by our staff."

Donna DeMarco
Manager of Finance
North-Eastman Health Authority

"We have used Luckett Wenman & Associates on repeated occasions. Their consultants have always been considerate, efficient and knowledgeable. Through their reviews they have kept us abreast of changes in the tax legislation.

The fact is that we have enjoyed continued savings through the years as a direct result of their knowledge and efforts. We are extremely happy to provide them as a reference."

R.S. Willox
Director Financial Services
Okanagan University College
British Columbia

"Our system functions more accurately now because of the advice we received from Luckett Wenman, and their detailed reviews have enabled us to recover significant taxes."

Peter Edwards
Chief Accountant
Prince Rupert School District No. 52
British Columbia 

"We have a fairly lengthy business relationship with Luckett Wenman and have found them to be very beneficial to our District.

They are very informative to staff and are barely noticeable when on premises. We look forward to continuing this and would highly recommend their services."

Gordon Reid
Executive Assistant
Quesnel School District No. 28
British Columbia


"Our first and not last commodity tax review with Luckett Wenman & Associates provided satisfactory results. Their staff were most professional, knowledgeable and organized. The computerized review results were well laid out and easy to follow.

Bottom line...The exercise was beneficial."

K.W. (Wayne) Schell
Purchasing Manager
Tembec Industries Inc.
British Columbia

"Luckett Wenman was persistent but not overly aggressive in procuring our business. We had other firms do GST reviews of our accounts, so thought it wouldn't make a significant difference.

Their staff members were expedient and thorough. They conducted themselves professionally, and had very little impact on the work demands of our staff.

We have been able to adjust our system in order to continue to reap the cost savings benefits they identified."

Daryl Conner
Director of Finance
University College of the Fraser Valley
British Columbia

"Our experience with Luckett Wenman & Associates was truly a positive one. Our audit was quick, accurate and caused little to no interruption to our regular daily business, leaving us with an end result of cost recovery.


LWA made our audit process effortless and beneficial to our company, we will definitely continue to use these services."

Shawla Polson
Assistant Controller
Wright Construction Western Inc